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Are Case Sensitive Search Results in Google a Trend?

Not too long ago, I decided to try a test of Google’s search algorithm. I decided to take one of my pages from PizzaSpotz.com and boost its ranking in search results. I had done this with my pizza jokes page and that succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. We rank #1 for “pizza jokes.” We rank #1 for that term when it’s capitalized and not capitalized. It simply doesn’t matter. I also began ranking high for that term before a big Google algorithm update went into effect.

I’ve read some blog posts which speak to this matter, but there’s nothing definitive. I will be doing some more testing, but I would like to hear from anyone who has found the same thing happening with their websites or blogs. I have gone through many other of pages for PizzaSpotz.com and found no other case sensitive search results.

It is real important to find out if these occurrences of case sensitive search results are a trend or a Google anomaly. If it’s a trend, there may be all kinds of people out there trying to game the system by adding duplicate content, half with titles and headings beginning with capital letters and half with non-capitalized letters.

When I search, I always use proper capitalization. But I may be a rarity. My son actually told me no one uses capital letters when searching. But as he admits, he’s no professional :) What about you? Do you use proper capitalization when searching Google? If you do, you’ll find my list of Nebraska Pizzerias. If not, you’ll have to scroll to page two. But then again, this may only be happening on Google once in a while. Please someone, tell me what’s going on with Google?


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