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Are You the Author of a Boring Blog Post?

A boring blog post …is… a .. very boring…thing ….to… read online. Do not …. write…a…boring blog post …or else…you will…hear this…sound.


Don't Write a Boring Blog Post and Lose Your Readers

Don't Write a Boring Blog Post and Lose Your Readers

That was someone leaving your blog. I hope you didn’t think I’d write a boring blog post, never, not in a million years. But really, there is not much that makes a reader click away from your blog faster than slogging through a boring blog post, even if the content is right up their alley or niche.

A Temptation

There’s always a temptation to create lots of content, get it online, insert a number of ads, either from Google, Amazon or some other affiliate and sit back and wait for the money to roll into your accounts. I’m even tempted to create many more posts than I have because I see some of the great blogging and social media blogs and notice they have 500 or 1000 pages. They’re so highly rated and I tend to believe high ratings have to do with the amount of content. That’s not always the case. Those high rated blogs may have a lot of pages but of course, those pages are quality content. Don’t try to write content just to write it. You must write quality content.

But back to the desire to get readers so they can click on your ads. If you’ve written a boring blog post, there won’t be readers around long enough to click on any of your ads. You may not even have readers at all. People may visit a blog with boring posts once, maybe twice, but whatever visitors you do get will desert your blog if you do not pique their interest….and keep it. Give your readers something to bite their teeth into, maybe give them some steak, and make it a filet mignon so your readers keep coming back.

Teach Something

Your readers always like to read posts that teach something. So, my suggestion is, teach something. Give readers what they want, but be careful not to lecture. Leaning is definitely not boring.

You may not have a blog about social media/blogging like this one, in which I try to offer tips on both. Your niche may be a “best deals” website. If that’s the case, give your readers some “best deals.” It goes along with the suggestion of teaching your readers something. If you give them some high quality and current “best deals” then your readers are being taught something by reading your blog.

The List

Here are some clues to see if you are indeed the author of a boring blog post?

1 ) Are you overstuffing your post with keywords, because overstuffing your blog post with keywords could lead to writing a very boring blog post , so please be aware of overstuffing your blog post with keywords. Do you get the point? I’m even sometimes guilty of this.

2) Is your blog post teaching anything? Offering tips, bargains, or encouragement? If not, you may have written a boring blog post.

3) Did you write a post simply to sell a product from one of your affiliate advertisers? If you’ve done it in a way that does not offer a constructive review of the product, it may be a boring blog post.

4) Is your blog post separated by subtitles? For instance, writing an introduction, a title for your first point, your second, etc. This breaks up longer posts and allows the reader (if they’re time is limited) to scan a longer blog post to find the section they’d prefer to read. Check out ChrisBrogan.com to see some great examples of this. He always does a great job of making his posts easy to read and very interesting.

5) If you have written a post that includes no pictures, graphs, charts or video, you may have written a boring blog post. That may not be true. You may have written the most intelligent, most intriguing blog post ever, but upon first click, your readers may look at a pictureless blog post and assume it is as boring as it looks.

So here is what you can take away from this post to make sure you do not write a boring blog post: don’t overstuff your post with keywords, teach your readers something or provide help, offer product reviews vs. just promoting affiliate products, use subtitles in your posts and always include a picture or some other form of media.

How do you keep your blog posts vibrant, exciting and attractive to readers? Please let us know below or share this post with others. Thanks.


3 Responses to “Are You the Author of a Boring Blog Post?”

  1. Hi Brian, I completely agree with your analysis. For me, a blog post is successful if I learn something I didn’t know when I arrived at the site. Teach me something and I will come back. I also agree with you about breaking up the texts with headers and images. I once read a blog post that was one long paragraph. It was well written but I never returned. 

    I definitely don’t stuff my posts with keywords. I don’t even pay attention to keywords when I write. I just write what I want to say. I have enough things to consider when I write that I don’t worry about keywords. Maybe I should?

    Posted by Carolyn Nicander Mohr | January 18, 2012, 3:06 pm

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