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Should You Buy Virgin America ($VA) for the Long Haul?

Since its IPO in November, Virgin America ($VA) stock is up almost 50%. It is poised to continue with low oil prices as they are forecast to stay around $60.00 a barrel for 2015. Those low oil prices are a good omen as they point to lower jet fuel prices but that is not the […]

Southwest Airlines Image

$LUV Southwest Airlines Will Take Off Again

First of all, I want to apologize to everyone who has invested in $LUV Southwest Airlines. I want to apologize because I bought it Thursday afternoon at $42.12 expecting it to go up. After all, the forecast was for it to go up to a median price of $45.00 and possibly all the way up […]

David Cameron UK could Leave EU says Germany

UK Could Bloody Well Leave the EU – Says Merkel

UK Could Leave the EU Because Angela Merkel does not want Germany to be the only country in the EU to be destroyed by lapse immigration policies, she is ready to kick the UK out of the European Union. Merkel says this may happen if the UK insists on immigration curbs. German newspaper says David […]

TSA Finds guns

The TSA Finds Guns

TSA Finds Guns in October–Lots of Them We travelers give the TSA (the Travel Security Administration) a lot of grief. They’re either making us take our shoes off or in a back room getting their jollies looking at naked xray picture of us or better yet, feeling us up right in front of fellow travelers. […]

Virgin Galactic Crash Photo

Virgin Galactic Crash Was Not Due to Explosion?

What Caused the Virgin Galactic Crash? When news of the Virgin Galactic crash sent shockwaves through the news media on Friday, most observers thought it was due to engine failure or an engine explosion. Some claimed it was due to a new fuel being used that was unstable and that Richard Branson / Virgin Galactic […]

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