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ISIS Threatens Terror in Chicago

On Friday August 22nd, the Drudgereport featured a picture of the Chicago skyline with the following headline splashed across the page. ISIS THREAT ON CHICAGO. Chicago is my kind of town, in fact, it’s my hometown. I don’t like having IS or ISIS or ISIL or IMBICILES making any kind of veiled threat against Chicago. […]

credit card identity theft

How do I protect myself from identity theft?

Tips for Preventing Identity Theft All types of fraud are committed using stolen identities. When your personal information is stolen, it is almost 100% certain that some type of fraud will soon be committed using your name. If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I protect myself from identity theft?” there are some tips below that […]

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Welcome to the Marissa Mayer Era: Another Big Change at Yahoo!

I hope you’re ready. There’s another big change at Yahoo. This almost seems like a daily occurrence, doesn’t it? For the past years it has been very convenient to go to your Yahoo Mail or any other Yahoo service and have the ability to sign up simply by clicking a convenient button for Facebook sign […]

Il Mio Papa – The Weekly Pope Magazine Hits the Shelves

The weekly Pope Magazine, My Pope (Il Mio Papa in Italian, hit the shelves on Ash Wednesday in Italy. Yes, Pope Francis has his very own magazine. The first issue is 68 pages and it is filled with news about Pope Francis and filled with stories and tidbits about his life. He has almost been […]

Picasa Problems: Is Ribbet the best Picnik alternative?

Picnik official closed on April 13, 2013. I’m assuming that was Friday the 13th, but I’m not exactly positive about that. As you see in the picture, the people at Ribbet.com say their site is just like Picnik. Well, it is very very very very similar. In fact, I can only see one glaring difference. […]

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