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Virgin Galactic Crash Photo

Virgin Galactic Crash Was Not Due to Explosion?

What Caused the Virgin Galactic Crash? When news of the Virgin Galactic crash sent shockwaves through the news media on Friday, most observers thought it was due to engine failure or an engine explosion. Some claimed it was due to a new fuel being used that was unstable and that Richard Branson / Virgin Galactic […]

An Interview with Fishville and Mafia Wars Creator Roger Dickey

Are You a Serial Entrepreneur? How many of you play Mafia Wars or Fishville? How many of you have a startup or are looking into funneling your time, money and resources into a startup? Which of my readers are interested in app creation? From that huge show of hands, it looks like just about all […]

What Gets Re-Pinned Most on Pinterest?

Some people have a Pinterest account because they enjoy a website which is particularly visual. If you’ve never visited Pinterest, look at the screenshot below to see what I mean. . Using Pinterest for Business But there are others who use Pinterest as a tool for business. In a previous post, I mentioned how Pinterest […]

Is Social Media Network Pinterest Useful for Bloggers

How I Discovered Pinterest Of all social media networks, Pinterest ranks right behind Google Plus (G+) in terms of monthly users. As quickly as Pinterest is growing, their ranking behind Google + may have changed by the time you read this post. I first heard of Pinterest when I interviewed Amy Guth, social media manager […]

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