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Zingers: Does the New Hostess Company Have a Problem with Quality?

Our family was as happy as anyone when we heard Hostess snack cakes were coming back to the store shelves. This is indeed the sweetest story of comebacks in this history of EVER or so say Hostess these days. We were regular consumers of chocolate Zingers. We loved these snacks and would dole out the […]

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Great Customer Service Matters at Fast Food Restaurants

I Love In-N-Out Burger This isn’t the unofficial In-N-Out Burger blog. However, the second most popular post on this blog, after the one I wrote on the purpose of Twitter, is this one on In-N-Out Burger coming to Irving, Texas. I also wrote another blog post on In-N-Out Burger and its popularity. But really, this […]

Top Ten Tweets About Pizza (from Pizzaspotz.com)

Some of you may know already that I have a really cool pizza website called PizzaSpotz.com. Eventually, the site will be filled with all sorts of pizza lists. We also have a pizza directory (still in progress), pizza quizzes, pizza games and more. So if you want to see a cool pizza website, please check […]

Twitter and French Fries

Last night I spent some time at McDonalds. I ordered my usual, a large fry and a cup of water. I’ve been noticing lately that the number of fries seem to be shrinking. So this time I counted each and every fry. There were only 62 fries in that red carton. How many were in […]

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger Arrives in Texas

LAST UPDATE: In-N-Out Burger in Hurst is Open. Enjoy the burgers. They are the best! LATEST UPDATE: I just talked to someone at In-N-Out HQ in California and the best guess they have is that the Hurst store will open in April. I was actually told they usually don’t know the exact opening date until […]

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