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21st Century Business and Church Practices

Warning: I need your feedback on this article. Be prepared to comment.

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Businesses are Progressing

The 21st century is a unique time. Business practices are changing and so are the ways of the church. To see this, I look at CEOs who now call themselves brand evangelists. They tell the good news of their brand. I see the importance companies now place on their customers and their desire to add value to the lives of each one. Sometimes this is shown by customizing a customer’s experience, whether with a website visit or a product.

Are Churches Regressing?

In stark contrast, I see churches growing larger and expanding to the point that mega churches dot the religious landscape, they look and act as if they were created by a cookie cutter. Churches now use social media but typically, only to broadcast news, not to interact with the social community around them. Then, there is the old 20th century business practice churches sometimes embrace, the practice of only paying attention to those who can do something for you or who have done something for you.

If you ask me, churches are regressing while businesses are progressing. But I’m sure there are exceptions in both cases. There are businesses who ignore the needs or wants of customers, some which never interact with customers on social media (business that often fail). There are also some churches who meet the needs of their members (customers) and those in their community who need help. Some churches even interact on Twitter and Facebook and are very much 21st century as they add value to people’s lives. Zach’s House, in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area is one such church, but it’s an exception.

Businesses and Churches: Give Us Consistency

Whether I’m a church visitor (or member) or a potential customer to your business, as Pat Benetar used to sing, “Treat Me Right.”

Dear churches and businesses, Pay attention to me. Care about my opinion. Add value to my life. But do it all the time, continuously. Not just when you want something special from me. Because when you do that, it sort of makes me feel a bit dirty.

Your Experiences Wanted
Have you ever felt like a business or church only paid attention to you in order to get something in return. This is indeed a normal part of business, a practice that had been around for decades by many businesses. It seems to be dying out in the business world. In the church world however, that practice seems to have found a new home. Let’s hope not.

Good or bad experiences are wanted. Share yours here, both business and church experiences are welcome.


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