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Does Your Church Need a Freelance Social Media Manager?

Tweak Your Twitter Account and More

Here are five signs your congregation may need the services of a freelance social media manager:

1) The church Twitter account profile picture is an egg.

2) The church email inbox is filled with friend requests from Xanga, Friendster and MySpace.

3) Your ministry staff thinks Google + is half a math problem.

4) People call the church office wondering if the minister will ever reply to their tweet.

5) The minister thinks foursquare is a religious denomination.

Now that you’ve had as much geeky social media hilarity that any one person should have to endure in a lifetime, let us focus on the congregation at which you minister or work at in some other capacity.

Church Problems

What are the most pressing problems facing your congregation? Some of your chief concerns may a steady ten year drop in attendance, church members who are not growing spiritually or a lack of inspiration in church members to go out and do good in your community.

What would your church board or elders think is more pressing, the above mentioned items or making sure you have a great social media strategy? I think that’s an easy answer to guess.

It’s most likely your church board or elders or other form of hierarchy at your congregation will want the visible problems addressed before you begin what is to many, an invisible strategy of using social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Evangelistic Tweeting

Before reading any further, please understand that simply implementing the use of social media by your church ministers or church members will not result in increased attendance. But if used correctly by ministers and members alike, social media will get you into the lives of people in your community.

Let’s Work Together

You can have your proverbial cake and eat it too. You can implement a social media strategy and work on the pressing problems facing your congregation at the same time. The hiring of a freelance social media manager can help.

Contact me if you’re interested in hiring a freelance social media manager or if you want to discuss customizing a social meida stategy for your church. You can also check out the plans I offer. There is a plan that will fit your needs and your budget.

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