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ISIS Threatens Terror in Chicago

On Friday August 22nd, the Drudgereport featured a picture of the Chicago skyline with the following headline splashed across the page. ISIS THREAT ON CHICAGO.

Chicago is my kind of town, in fact, it’s my hometown. I don’t like having IS or ISIS or ISIL or IMBICILES making any kind of veiled threat against Chicago. The picture in this tweet is the Old Republic Building at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Water Street. The reason why authorities may believe ISIS threatens terror in Chicago is the accompanying message in the photo.

Old Republic Building Facts:

* 24 story high rise
* Built in 1925.
* Built on the site of the Jean Baptiste Beaubien homestead. Beaubien Court, which runs underground to
the east, is named after this early settler.
* Due to widening of Michigan Avenue when it was being built the developer almost built the Old
Republic Building only 12 feet wide.

This message was sent out August 9, 2014 by someone going by the name of “Conquer the Tyrants,” complete with a profile image of the ISIS flag and a background of ISIS soldiers on a march to probably kill more Christians or Yezidis. This tweet has over 115 favorites and 350 retweets in just two weeks. However, the original photo and messages was sent out on June 20, 2014. It’s not known how many retweets and favorites that tweet received.

ISIS better be careful of who they attack and be aware they may even turn the most ardent of peacemakers into virulent ISIS killers.

Chicago threatens terror in Chicago? It better not happen to the city I love.

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