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The Opening Scene from Rocky II – Best Five Minutes in Movie History

The Opening Scene from Rocky II - Best Five Minutes in Movie History

Rocky Balboa hugging Adrian in the ring after a split-decision with Apollo Creed in Philadelphia.

I’ve always told my wife and son that I absolutely love Rocky II. I’ve told them repeatedly that I am crazy for the opening scene of Rocky II. Yes, this opening scene. Now in case you’re wondering, there isn’t any other opening scene of Rocky II, but when you see that little warning at the beginning of every movie broadcast on television which says the original film was modified, they’re not lying.

Rocky II has been broadcast on television twice in the past couple weeks and my son is the one who usually notifies me it’s on. I run into the room to watch the opening scene and I have not made it in time to see the absolute beginning, the absolute opening scene from Rocky II. The last time I was called to see it, the big bold lettering of “ROCKY II” scrolled across the screen and the first scene was the ambulance with Rocky inside being transported through the busy streets of Philadelphia.

Wait, I know there used to be more to that opening scene than that. There used to be a fight, the last two rounds of the fight with Apollo Creed. Was I going crazy? That’s what I was thinking. Then I searched YouTube for “Opening scene from Rocky II” and I found this masterpiece of film making. Here are the original five minutes, maybe the best five minutes in the history of movies, yes, just my opinion. But after years of not seeing this scene, I had tears in my eyes. Call me sentimental.

What are your favorite five minutes of cinematic history?

Now it’s your turn. I’ve told you about my very emotional feelings for Rocky II. Is there some movie that makes your heart leap for joy or one that gets your blood pumping a hundred miles an hour? Please share it with me in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing from you.


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