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Do You Have a Successful Church Twitter Account

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Why are some churches successful at using social media and others aren’t? While I haven’t found any stunning success stories, there are some small successes. For example, Zach’s House, a microchurch network in the Dallas-Ft. Worth I began a few years ago has used Twitter effectively on occasion.

Our microchurch network does not meet in a typical building but meets instead in a nursing home each Sunday and in homes, Starbucks, a pizzeria and anywhere else unchurched people gather in their daily lives. On it’s face, Zach’s House is social. In the beginning, I opened up a Twitter account and began following people in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, the region covered by our local ministry. My goal was not to harvest people and make them into what I wanted or what I believed God wanted. My immediate goal was to befriend people. That’s all I did. I had a good mix of followers from the DFW area and some from around the United States and the world.

If you want to see my Twitter strategy in full, you must read my post, “What Was the Purpose of Twitter Again?” I basically followed the strategy found in the blog post which consisted of becoming friends and offering help anytime I could. It’s all about adding value to the lives of others.

Through this Twitter account, I became friends with a few tweeps who attended or would like to attend one of our gatherings at a local pizzeria or to feed the homeless with us. And while not social media, we have also used Craigslist to find people for a community football game and for a homeless feeding. I’ve also had a few tweeps read devotionals I’ve written and shared through Twitter. So again, not much success but I think it’s great to befriend people for the sake of friendship. God provides the rest.

Next time, I’ll let you in on a little secret on why churches fail at social media. Please leave some of your Twitter successes in the comments section below.


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