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Twitter and French Fries

Last night I spent some time at McDonalds. I ordered my usual, a large fry and a cup of water. I’ve been noticing lately that the number of fries seem to be shrinking. So this time I counted each and every fry. There were only 62 fries in that red carton. How many were in […]

Sending Traffic to Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg Thanks You

Intergration; The act or process of making whole or entire How does integration of social media into your company/brand website work? You may believe putting a cool Twitter, Facebook, or RSS icon on your website, like I have on this one (look above), is an example of social media integration. After all, that IS using […]

Chris Brogan is a Writer, but Didn’t I Know that Already?

I’ve been following Chris Brogan on Twitter for a couple years. I enjoy his insightful tweets. and I was delighted to have his help (via a re-tweet) when I sold Christmas cards to¬† provide free cataract surgeries for the blind. But the other day I learned something about Chris Brogan I never knew before. I […]

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