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Rangers Win the World Series? An Example of Bad Blogging

Just so you know, the Texas Rangers didn't win the World Series

Just so you know, the Texas Rangers didn't win the World Series

With one strike left before winning their first World Series, what would you as a Texas Rangers fan do if you were a blogger with affiliate links and desperate for money? Of course, you’d create a blog post filled with Amazon links to Texas Rangers World Series Champion apparel.


That’s what I did. And then I posted it. After the Cardinals tied up game 6 when Nelson Cruz seemed to not go all out to catch that ball in the outfield, I made my post a draft instead of a published post. But still, someone found it on Google. Good SEO I guess, but it made me look and feel like an idiot. I then copied the post, the one you see below and created a new post and saved it with the title, “not.” I then deleted the original. I didn’t want anyone else coming to my website looking for Texas Rangers World Series apparel when I had written how they had won their first World Series, but really had not.

And now today, one day after the St. Louis Cardinals won the world series, people continue clicking on my Google listed page that is now, “not found.” Some search terms used to find my page have been:

“how look the world series champion shirt by texas rangers”
“rangers world series winner shirts”
“what the texas rangersare saying now”
“texas rangers world series shirts where do they go”
“texas rangers world series champs shirts”
“what would the texas rangers world series shirts look like”
“the texas rangers have won the world series”

I decided to finally figure out how to make a re-direct. You may be here because of my effort to learn something new. I also learned not to count Texas Rangers outs in a World Series game before they’re caught. Now that you’re here, you might as well buy some Texas Rangers World Series apparel, but you won’t be able to buy Texas Rangers World Series champs shirts here. You might have to go to Boliva to find some of those shirts, to answer the guy who wondered where the Texas Rangers World Series shirts will go.

Here’s the Original Post

Buy a Texas Rangers World Series Champs Shirt Now

The Texas Rangers World Series victory is sweet. I think this Texas Ranger World Series feels so good because of their loss last year to the Giants in 5 games. Now, the Texas Rangers aren’t my favorite team although I am just down the street from their ball park. I’m a Chicago Cubs fan and since they will never win a World Series, I decided to root for the Texas Rangers this October.

I minister to many Texas Rangers fans, and I am selling on our website tonight Texas Rangers World Series Championship apparel and other Texas Rangers apparel. All proceeds benefit our church planting ministry in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area called Zach’s House.

The Texas Rangers Have Won The World Series


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