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Top Ten Tweets About Pizza (from Pizzaspotz.com)

Some of you may know already that I have a really cool pizza website called PizzaSpotz.com. Eventually, the site will be filled with all sorts of pizza lists. We also have a pizza directory (still in progress), pizza quizzes, pizza games and more. So if you want to see a cool pizza website, please check out PizzaSpotz.com.

Below is our most recent list. Since it’s a pizza list consisting of tweets, I decided to include it here on my social media site. Each week or maybe even more often, I’ll post a list of top ten tweets about pizza over at PizzaSpotz.

Please visit the PizzaSpotz facebook page too. I’d love for you to “like” PizzaSpotz.

Well, here it is, our top ten tweets about pizza:

# 10
tweets about pizza 1

Not sure who she was talking about, but this tweet sounds like a 1980s song lyric.

# 9
tweets about pizza 2

Okay, we at PizzaSpotz are pretty corny, so of course we had to include this tweet. I’m sure this joke first appeared many decades ago. Old maybe, but still some good humor here.

# 8
tweets about pizza

Am I the only one hoping these two #goodday events did not happen simultaneously?

# 7
tweets about pizza

Talking of fat, that’s one heavy pizza addiction you have there : )

# 6
tweets about pizza

Here’s some more corn we couldn’t resist. I tried telling this joke from memory the other day, couldn’t do it. Glad I favorited this tweet.

# 5
tweets about pizza

On our list of tweets about pizza, this one is the most newsworthy. Bad stuff happening in London recently.

# 4
tweets about pizza

Our sentiments exactly. They’ve also stopped using sugar in their sauce. Dominoes claims their pizzas are healthier now. But if I want to eat healthy, I’ll choose to eat bean spouts and tofu soup, not pizza. Give me some grease!!!!

# 3
tweets about pizza

This is simple. Sometimes simple is good, just like pizza.

# 2
tweets about pizza

Men would probably be the only ones to order that pizza, huh?

And finally…. our number 1 tweet about pizza this week:

# 1
tweets about pizza

Found this tweet while eating two slices of leftover pizza at 12:45 a.m. I agree with Meghan. Pizza is a way of life.

There you go, our first ever PizzaSpotz.com Top Ten Tweets About Pizza List. Hope you enjoyed, and please use any of our share buttons to send this list to your friends.


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