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Toygaroo – The Place to Rent Toys This Christmas

UPDATE: Toygaroo Has Gone Out of Business

This terrible economy is causing heartaches for some parents who want to buy their little ones gifts for Christmas. Not everyone can afford to buy many toys for their children. Things are so bad that America’s leading Santa Claus school is teaching their Santas to size up the parents of kids who sit on their laps and spew out unaffordable item after unaffordable item. The Santas have been taught to see if their parents are dressed well enough to afford such extravagant gifts. The Santas are also taught to temper kids’ expectations about good gifts that cost a bundle.

Toygaroo Logo

Toygaroo is Partially Owned by Dallas Maverick's Owner Mark Cuban


Enter Toygaroo.com, a website that bills itself as Netflix for toys. If you’re familiar with Netflix, you get the idea of how this company works. If you’re not familiar with Netflix or just like bullet points, here they are:

• Add toys to your wish list
• Toys are delivered to your door
• Keep the toys for 30 days or more
• Return your toys and get a new shipment

Like Netflix, Toygaroo has various pricing plans. You can rent 4, 6 or 8 toys every 30 days or every 60 days. After looking at the website, I assume the amount charged is per month or every two months. A little clarification on their pricing plan may be needed.

Sanitization is not a problem

The toys will be clean when they get to your door. Toygaroo has a “No Yuck Factor” when it comes to the toys they rent. Here is what they do to make sure your Toygaroo experience is germ free:

• All Toygaroo toys regardless of brand new or returned by a member are unpacked and steam cleaned at 212 degrees to ensure 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and dust mites are killed on the spot.

• Toys are then cleaned and fully sanitized using an all organic, EPA approved, bleach free product from Melaleuca. This solution is so safe its used across the country in some of the best hospital neonatal centers.

• Last but not least each Toygaroo toy is carefully inspected, signed off on by a toy sanitization inspector and then shrink wrapped to keep it from being affected by any outside elements from the time it leaves our warehouse and arrives at your door.

This seems interesting and I’d like to know what parents think about this business concept. Do you think it will succeed? Why or why not? I look forward to your comments.

You can vist Toygaroo and check it out for yourself.


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