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The TSA Finds Guns

TSA Finds Guns in October–Lots of Them

TSA Finds gunsWe travelers give the TSA (the Travel Security Administration) a lot of grief. They’re either making us take our shoes off or in a back room getting their jollies looking at naked xray picture of us or better yet, feeling us up right in front of fellow travelers. But the question arises, do they ever do anything worthwhile?

Well, in October, the TSA did something right. They found a boatload of people bringing guns through the TSA checkpoints of major airports. Not sure if these were from terrorists or from well meaning NRA loving citizens who forget they had packed them in their luggage, but at least the TSA is in the news for something other than feeling 80 year old women up or making veterans take off their prosthetic legs.

Not only did the TSA find guns in luggage and on people in October, they found guns loaded and many of them with bullets in their chambers. Many of these guns were ready to shoot at the first Air Marshall or maybe even at a flight attendant who didn’t pass out those terrible tasting honey roasted peanuts.

In October the TSA’s own blog touted the big news, “TSA Finds Guns” and the news went like this: TSA agents found 181 weapons in luggage and 157 of those were loaded.

Bravo TSA. You’ve finally done good. Let’s see how many you come up with next month and lets hope you can keep Ebola out of our country too.

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