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Twitter and French Fries

Last night I spent some time at McDonalds. I ordered my usual, a large fry and a cup of water. I’ve been noticing lately that the number of fries seem to be shrinking. So this time I counted each and every fry. There were only 62 fries in that red carton. How many were in your last large order of fries? Also, in my close inspection I noticed that each order has 500 calories. I am now officially giving up french fries, for the sake of my stomach size, for the sake of my family and the sake of my social media clients.

So what do fries have to do with social media? Intelligent question on your part. I’ll probably be stretching this analogy a bit, maybe a lot, but here it goes. Sixty-two fries were in my last order. They were all quality fries. There were no losers in that batch. Each and every one provided a satisfying taste. And except for last night, I don’t count my fries. I just enjoy them. I didn’t tell the world I had 62 fries. I didn’t go back to the counter and buy more. They each gave me some value. Because what I wanted was to have a good french fry tickle my taste buds, that’s what I got.

When I think about my Twitter followers, I feel basically the same. I don’t actively count them each and every day. I take what I get. They provide me with some sort of value, each and every one. Yes, my Twitter followers satisfy me. I don’t purchase more because I want them (please don’t do that.) I just accept the followers that recommendations and my blogging bring me.

There is one glaring difference between french fries and Twitter followers. I’m giving up french fries and I’ll never give up my Twitter followers.

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