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Twitter Bias Against #Copts or Apathy?

Some people may think there is a bias on Twitter. By looking at the lack of tweets on the Egyptian unrest and violence against the Coptic Christians of Egypt, one may think Twitter is deleting tweets. Actually, it’s way worse than that. The problem is apathy. People just don’t care. Eight million Coptic Christians have been treated like crap for decades. The bias and discrimination has been unprecedented. If the U.S. government treated a class, race or religion the way Egypt treats their Coptic Christians, there’d be protests here in America every single day.

If our government drove tanks into crowds of protestors, the United Nations would want to put our leaders up for trail at the International Criminal Court.

Please don’t think there’s some big Twitter conspiracy because the crisis in Egypt isn’t trending, it’s just that people in America don’t care enough about the Christians in Egypt. That’s all it is, nothing to worry about.

As tweeps, we better start caring about all injustice, not just the politically correct injustice in this world. Read the hashtag #Copts for more information on the violence of the Egyptian military. They are thugs!

God, please be with our brothers and sisters in Egypt. Please protect them from the Muslims burning their churches and the Egyptian Muslim military running them over with their tanks.


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