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UK Could Bloody Well Leave the EU – Says Merkel

UK Could Leave the EU

David Cameron UK could Leave EU says GermanyBecause Angela Merkel does not want Germany to be the only country in the EU to be destroyed by lapse immigration policies, she is ready to kick the UK out of the European Union. Merkel says this may happen if the UK insists on immigration curbs.

German newspaper says David Cameron and the UK is reaching that dreaded place, “the point of no return.”
They definitely are reaching the point of no return and because David Cameron is finally coming to his senses on immigration, he is about to set limits that have everyone saying the UK could leave the EU. Bravo, I say.

A country has to stand up for itself once in a while or it will cease to exist. A country has to put its own citizens ahead of those from other countries. Maybe one day, America will take their lead from David Cameron. It’s unfortunate that Cameron and the Torries are only taking this stand because of the emergence of the UKIP party. But I’ll take a country growing a pair from any impetus it can find.

Again, Bravo Prime Minister Cameron. I’m happy to hear Merkel saying the UK could leave the EU and If I were Cameron I’d tell the EU, “Good Riddance!”

But leave it to Cameron to waver on this topic and he looks like he’s already channeling Chamberlain and doing so. But let’s hope Mr. Cameron will stay firm, but don’t bet too many quid on that happening.

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