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What is the CommentLuv Plugin for WordPress All About?

Blogging is fun. Maybe you blog to make sure the world knows how you feel about a particular subject or maybe you blog to make money. Whatever your reason for blogging, it is definitely more fun when people comment on your blog. This is the reason behind Andy Bailey creating the CommentLuv plugin.

CommentLuv Plugin Introduction

The CommentLuv plugin hails itself as a way to get more comments and more visitors to your blog. They now have a premium plugin with even more bells and whistles than the original CommentLuv plugin. It is unlike commenting systems such as Disqus, Livefyre and Intense Debate. CommentLuv actually modifies the comment system that comes with your WordPress theme, it doesn’t change the entire WordPress commenting system like those mentioned above.

How Does It Work?

The original version of the CommentLuv plugin simply allowed your blog readers to comment upon one of your posts. As is typical when someone leaves a comment, there are fields they must fill out such as name, email address, website (optional) and the comment field. When you visit a CommentLuv enabled blog, if you fill in the website field, the CommentLuv plugin will automatically visit your blog and find the last article you posted. Below your comment, you will see, “(your name) recently posted (your blog post).” The blog post title listed will be a fully functional link. People may visit your site by clicking that link and Google can list that in its search engine results.

To learn more, watch this introductory video on CommentLuv 2.9.


How the CommentLuv PluginBrings You Visitors

I do not yet use the CommentLuv plugin on this blog. You can see that I’m currently using Disqus. Someone may soon write me asking, “Don’t you want more comments and visitors? Then why don’t you use the CommentLuv plugin?” I’ll probably change over to CommentLuv sometimie this year.

But you can see how CommentLuv can bring you visitors. People like links. Website owners live on links. In the new CommentLuv Premium, you can designate links to be “do follow” (searchable by Google) if your blog readers have made a certain number of comments. This could encourage readers to come back and comment more often. Maybe by the time they’ve passed the threshold to make all their links “do follow,” your content could have turned them into a real fan of your blog.

You may also gain visitors by getting listed in the new CommentLuv search engine. I’ve only heard about this and not experienced it yet. Sounds interesting. You could also get more visitors to your blog by having your site listed in Ana Hoffman’s huge CommentLuv Enabled Blogs list over at Traffic Generation Cafe.

Your CommentLuv Plugin Experience

Now is your chance to tell others about your expereince using the CommentLuv plugin. If you don’t leave a comment for others, do it for me. Maybe your comment will be the one to finally make me change over to CommentLuv from Disqus. One big question I have is, can I export my Disqus comments over to CommentLuv?

If you have an answer to my CommentLuv question or an experience to share, good or bad, please leave it in the comments below. Thanks, Brian.

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