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What is Vizify.com? An Introduction to TweetSheets, the Next New Cool Thing

Have you tried Vizify yet?

Vizify is a new Portland, Oregon startup and they want you to show the world your tweets and do so via your own personal tweetsheet. What is a tweetsheet? Find out the easy way by creating your own right now. Once you begin using Vizify and showing others your Twitter use infographic, you might just change how you use twitter. Look at your own TweetSheet and tell me if that is true for you.

Vizify - the latest entry into the "professional onlnie presence in one place" websites

Vizify is Cool

In late July, Threshold, web developers from Portland, commented on their blog about Vizify which was then a stealth startup,

…we’re looking forward to seeing Vizify come to life and drop jaws this fall. Their tools will be a slick combination of useful and cool.

I’m sure the coolness of Vizify has only begun. After all, they’re still in beta. Most of the Vizify version of cool will probably be saved for the premium rollout, but here is some basic cool stuff you’ll find if you sign up for the current beta version. Check out their “geographic impact map.” See it below:



This panel takes the location information from those users who have mentioned you on Twitter and highlights the states in darker shades of blue where users have mentioned you most. This is cool but could be improved with an algorithm which takes into account and gives more importance to users who have retweeted or favorited my tweets or included me on a list. However, I’m sure the Vizify engineers are working on this or soon will be.

Vizify also includes a panel on the tweetsheet called, “Favorite Themes,” which is basically just a tag cloud taken from your tweets. Looking at my own cloud below, I find it is a bit out of date. They may be taking info from up to 3200 tweets (the most they show on the main graphic as a chart, seen here)


and by doing so, they have my two largest tags as “Thanks” and “iranelection.” One of those is pretty current because I’m always thankful but “iranelection” is something I was very interested in and a favorite theme of mine a little over two years ago. Two things that should be done with this feature is to have it shown at different time increments such as 3 months, 6 months and one year. Also, they need to add a hashtag (#) for words that are hashtags, especially if this is used to show others your interests. Vizify is cool, but a few tweaks will make it better.



Vizify could also use a search function to find tweeps to get a better idea of their favorite themes and their geographic influence. This would be useful for employers and stalkers. Right now the only way to get there is by going to Vizify.com/tweetsheet/username. You’ll see their chart and info if they’ve created a tweetsheet. If not, you’ll see this:


Don’t let this be you. Sign up today for your own Tweetsheet from Vizify.


Vizify is one of the best startups for 2011. Please leave a comment if you’ve had a Vizify experience and share your Tweetsheet with me below.



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