Yes, You can Afford a Freelance Social Media Manager

Do you need the services of a freelance media manager?

Do you need the services of a freelance media manager?

A Good Social Media Manager is Extremely Valuable

You may have Twitter, Facebook and G+ accounts for your business. But are they being utilized in the most effective way? If your answer is “no” then you can’t afford not to have a freelance social media manager. Social media is a tool that needs to be used and used regularly.

Now it is time for you to find a person who is passionate about social media. Before hiring a social media manager for your company, church or political campaign or non-profit, make sure you and the person you hire are a good match. Make sure they love what they’ll be tweeting about on your behalf. That isn’t an absolute must, but it sure is a plus, a Google plus in my book.

I Am a Passionate Social Media Manager

If you feel you need to hire a freelance social media manager, you may have come to just the right website to meet your needs. But first, I want you to know about my passions. If you decide to hire a social media manager, you better hire one who shares your passions. Here are mine:

SOCIAL MEDIA – I Love It! I Embrace It!

PIZZA – I Live It!

ADDING VALUE TO OTHERS! – My Life Exemplifies It!

CHURCH – I Do Ministry! This Goes Along With Adding Value to Others!

POLITICS – I Am Addicted!


The above are my passions. What are yours?

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A Social Media Plan For You

Below, you’ll find some plans I have that may fit the budget you have for hiring a freelance social media manager. First off, here are some quick facts on the services I provide:

1) No contract
2) I work month to month
3) Payment is made in advance
4) I advise a minimum 6 month period to implement a successful social media strategy. But you are free to find a different social media manager or take over your social media strategy at any time.

My Basic Twitter Only Plan

1) Set up Twitter account
2) Post tweets to engage potential customers
3) Use Twitter tools to search for potential customers
4) Reply to followers and those who reply to your Twitter account
5) Notify you in a timely manner of urgent tweets which need your personal attention
5) Monitor Twitter for mentions of your brand/company or church name

Cost: $59 per month

The Gold Plan

1) Create a Twitter account if you do not already have an existing account
2) Tweet and post replies to your customers/followers
3) Post on an additional social network for a total of two. (google+ or Facebook)
4) Reply to comments on Facebook or G+ posts
5) Notify you in a timely manner w/urgent tweets from your followers or comments on Facebook or G+.
6) Advise weekly via email on the progress of your social media strategy
7) Adhere to your privacy policy

Cost: $125 per month

The Platinum Plan

In addition to the gold plan options:

1) Post to three social networks (G+, Twitter and Facebook)
2) Advise weekly via phone or email on progress of social media strategy
3) Engage potential twitter followers/customers in yoru geographic area using Twitter search tools
4) Monitor social media for negative/poistive mentions

Cost: $250 per month

The Titanium Plan

In addition to the Gold & Platinum Plans

1) Post and respond to four social networks (G+, Twitter, Facebook and your choice of another social network)
2) Write blog posts for your company website (2 per month)
3) Help optimize yoru company/brand website to rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for your keywords.
4) Post your video content to your own youtube channel.
5) Interview with company president about your product, promote that interview through GotInterviews.com

Cost: $400 per month


Because one of my passions is adding value to you, any of the above plans can be customized to better fit your needs. In this terrible economy of 2012, I want to help you make more money. I know you need it.

Thank you for your time,
Brian Humek
Freelance Social Media Manager

Also special campaigns for just Twitter (don’t want to be overwhelmed w/multiple channels of social media, this special offer is for you).

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