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Zingers: Does the New Hostess Company Have a Problem with Quality?

Our family was as happy as anyone when we heard Hostess snack cakes were coming back to the store shelves. This is indeed the sweetest story of comebacks in this history of EVER or so say Hostess these days.

Zingers from Hostess Cakes image

We were regular consumers of chocolate Zingers. We loved these snacks and would dole out the $3.49 for them at Tom Thumb or sometimes get them on sale for 2/$5.00. Oh, what a bargain and a treat. We didn’t mind how they shrunk over the years. We simply ate two for every one that used to fill us up years ago. Who could’t refuse great tasting Zingers, just look at that image above.

On the Hostess website, you will find this description of Chocolate Zingers. It is very detailed and surprisingly, does not describe the new chocolate Zingers accurately any longer.

With a name like Zingers, you might be surprised to know that they’re actually pretty sweet. Just get to know their moist cake, creme filling and thick layer of icing. Enjoy Devil’s Food Chocolate, Raspberry and Vanilla Iced flavors, in multipack or single serve.

We have had one good box of Zingers since the new company made their comeback. But our last two boxes have been a disaster. I’m not sure why this is happening. About ten days ago, we bought a box and I unwrapped a Zinger as fast as I could. I wanted some of that scrumptious sweetness to melt in my mouth.
Oh my, there was nothing melting that day. I could barely bite through the thick layer of chocolate icing. In fact, someone could have a loose tooth taken out by the icing. We relegated this box of chocolate Zingers to be thrown away, but not before I could call their customer service number on Monday.

I will have to say Hostess customer service is much more capable than their bakers nowadays, at least as evidenced by that box of chocolate Zingers. They gladly sent me a replacement coupon for this defective box and an additional coupon for another box. I hung up a very satisfied customer.

Fast forward to last night. We had received our coupons earlier in the day and my son had asked me to get some chocolate Zingers at the store. I went to Tom Thumb and lo and behold, they carry every Hostess brand except for Zingers. They used to carry them all the time, but I’m not sure if I’ve seen them for sale there since the new company made their comeback. I then had to travel across town to Kroger and I thought they were out, but then discovered one last box of chocolate Zingers. I almost had to fight a man over them.

Back in my car, I opened the package and began to devour that “moist” sponge cake topped with chocolate icing. I was shocked that the icing was hard as a rock AGAIN. I opened my door and spit it out in the Kroger parking lot. I then ripped off the layer of chocolate icing and tried eating just the sponge cake with the filling. It was stale. I could’ve done better at the day old bread store across the street with their no name discount snack cakes.

What has happened with Hostess? Where have my great tasting Zingers gone? I feel so lonely without them.

I’ll give Hostess another call. I’ll read all the numbers off the box they ask for, but really, I just want something edible, not free coupons again.

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