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What is gigya?

I’m working on a new wordpress website. I’m temporarily calling it JobLink. The site focuses on combining LinkedIn profiles with high-tech industry job openings. I had one big desire for the site. I wanted people to have the ability to sign in using their LinkedIn account info. “Certainly there’s a WP plugin for that,” I thought.

I first looked at LinkedIn to find the right fix. I tried and failed miserably to create a LinkedIn login button using their API. I then googled “WP Plugin LinkedIn” and “WP LinkedIn login” and other variations. I did find some freelance requests for someone to build such a LinkedIn plugin, but actually didn’t find one. I found some discussion about a plugin with the functionality I wanted and contacted one of those who discussed it. However, he had not yet been successful in having the plugin built.

Then I searched once more and found a company named Gigya. For the life of me, I’m not sure why I hadn’t heard of Gigya before. This company is amazing and Gigya has been around about five years. I found an application that allows for social logins of multiple platforms, LinkedIn was one such platform. Recently, Gigya has changed their focus from generating publishers with more traffic to now focusing heavily on retail. Whatever their focus, I am pleased I found them.

The main thing Gigya does well is making websites more social. Gigya not only has a great list of social products, they provide social products worth talking about. Look at some of their press clippings from this year alone: The Wall Street Journal, Mashable, PC World, San Francisco Chronicle, MSNBC and Gigaom to name a few, have touted the impressive products offered by Gigya.

As for my need, I wanted to have a social login using LinkedIn. The Gigya social login application allows social login for 24 different providers, but as in my case, I could whittle that down to make a single LinkedIn login button. I’m not taking advantage of all Gigya offers, and probably never will. I’m not a serious developer. But for those of you who are, you must try all Gigya has to offer.

Over 280 unique monthly users come into contact with Gigya through some of the leading companies in the world. Watch this demo video and learn a lot more about Gigya.

If you’re interested in having a LinkedIn login for your website, go to wordpress plugins and search “gigya.” You’ll find about five plugins. Install “Make Your Site Social.” It’s only rated 3 stars, but it does what I want.

I wrote this post about Gigya, not so much as a way to inform others about this great company (although I hope that happens), but as a personal thank you for my new LinkedIn social login at JobLink. Great job Gigya engineers.


2 Responses to “What is gigya?”

  1. Hi Brian,
    Nice review and glad you finally got the challenge sorted. Please do update the post with the site’s url once it goe live, would love to see the end result.

    Posted by Facundo | June 6, 2011, 9:28 am
  2. Oops, just saw the url! Great!

    Posted by Facundo | June 6, 2011, 9:30 am

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